The Slacker Initiative


During any live/manned broadcast, please visit us in the Chat Room over at Castle Blakk Radio’s home page.

I want to help you promote your music!  I am accepting music submissions for Airplay and possibly Review:

  • Please email me at DJDetromental (at) gmail (dot) com.
  • Tell me something about your band (assume I have no idea who you are, because there’s a decent chance I don’t.) Include links to your social media pages.
  • Tell me where to download your files. If you prefer to send as a file attachment, please give me a heads up first so I know to expect a file from you.
    • Please indicate whether I have permission to share your music with my station Castle Blakk Radio.  You may also submit to the station directly at CastleBlakkRadio (at) Yahoo (dot) com. (Music submitted to the station will be added directly into rotation and is available for any of the station DJs to play.  Music submitted to me I will always ask first unless you have provided specific instructions one way or another.)
    • Please be clear if you have any other requirements regarding the content of your submissions.  (Tracks A-G are included for Review, but please only play Tracks H & I on the air, for example)
    • unsolicited/unexpected file attachments will be deleted.
  • Please understand that I do this for free on my own time.  I also have mundane responsibilities in the real world.  I will focus my energies foremost on making sure your music gets heard and sharing your name on Facebook and possibly Twitter if I get a little better at multitasking.  As/if time allows, I may try to put together a review, or try my hand at an interview.  If I find myself overwhelmed with submissions, which I find unlikely, but it could happen, it may take a little longer to get your music on my show.
  • I reserve the right to not play something if I find it objectionable for any reason. Whether or not something is “Objectionable” will be at my sole discretion, but I can assure you that call would be based on lyrical content, not musicality.  My tastes in metal are constantly evolving, and I will not disclude a track simply because it isn’t what I prefer to listen to at this moment in time.  I’ve been surprised too many times by what I’ve learned to enjoy over the years.  As long as you aren’t singing about people who deserve to get raped or harming people who piss you off or don’t believe in the same flavor of religion as you, we are probably not going to have a problem.

For the time being, I will likely be more active on my Facebook than on this site.  If you find the content lacking over here, try my Facebook page. Feel free to drop me a message over there and say hello.

You can also stalk me on Twitter

If you are just wondering where to find the tunes:



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